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Penalty Kicks in India! My Goalkeeping Skills!

I’m a great footballer anywhere in the world! Wait, who am I kidding…

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UFC 134 Predictions

UFC 134 Predictions with the 206 analysis. please check out my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MMAANALYSIS101?feature=mhee http://twitter.com/#!/the206analysis

Are NBA Players being Greedy?

Right now the NBA season doesn’t seem like it will be starting on time if at all! Do you fault the players for being greedy? (more…)

Terrelle Pyror Goes To Oakland! Could he be a good NFL Qb?

Terrelle Pyror was selected by the oakland raiders for a 3rd pick which they have to give up for Pyror. If he gets the right people around him he could be a good qb. Its gonna be interesting how owner Al Davis is going to use. Hopefully he doesnt end up like JaMarcus Russell.

Earthquake in New York?! Who Did It?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Virginia earthquake that was felt as far away as Toronto! Question is, who did it? Albert Haynesworth or Jamarcus (more…)

Plaxico is Back! Super Bowl on Deck for the Jets? Can He Help?

Plaxico Burress played great in his first preseason game with the Jets hauling in a touchdown! Can he help the Jets win the Super Bowl? (more…)

UFC 134 in Brazil! Anderson Silva vs. Okami and Rua vs. Griffin! Who Wins?

At UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro, Anderson Silva faces Yushin Okami and Shogun Rua faces off against Forrest Griffin! Who do you think wins (more…)

Girls can like sports too

guys aren't the only ones crazy about sports

Is UFC Going Mainstream on FOX?

With the UFC’s new deal to air on FOX and FX, does MMA become more mainstream? Will MMA catch up to the NFL, NBA, MLB (more…)

The Chinese Beat DOWN Georgetown! The Eagles are Bad? Real Madrid is Dirty? – Fan Friday!

For this weeks Fan Friday I answer your questions on that Georgetown-China fight, which soccer team I support, the UFC on Fox, and the Eagles (more…)

Phillies Game Last Night

Before the rain delay

NFC playoff predictions 11′-12′

sports all crazy

Is Real Madrid a Dirty Team led by Jose Mourinho?

With Marcelo’s foul on Fabregas being the latest incident between Barcelona and Real Madrid, is Madrid a dirty team? Does Jose Mourinho lead the charge?

Basketball Fight

found this on TMZ

Eli Manning = Tom Brady?!!! Does He?

Eli Manning has stated in a radio interview he considers himself to be in the same class as future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady! (more…)

Is Tony Romo Overrated?

The NFL season is a few weeks away along with the return of Tony Romo from injury! Do you think Romo is overrated or unfairly (more…)

Kansas City Chiefs 2010 2011 Highlights

A highlights video that i made

Cesc Fabregas back to Barcelona! Good Move? Where Does He Fit?

Cesc Fabregas is on his way back to Barcelona after a transfer from Arsenal! With stars like Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta already in place is (more…)

JRSportBrief LIVE Stream! The NFL Season, the NBA LockOut and More!

I chat with you guys about the upcoming NFL season, the NBA Lock Out and other sports topics you all hit me up about!



Carolina Panthers Preview (1 of 32)

All 32 NFL team previews in 32 videos!

Toronto Raptors Mix Past Is Gold

Toronto Raptors Mix Past Is Gold

Jonas Valanciunas Mix Welcome To The Toronto Raptors

Jonas Valanciunas Mix Welcome To The Toronto Raptors

Reggie Evans Mix Doin The Dirty Work


James Johnson Mix 2011 (Toronto Raptors)

James Johnson Mix 2011 (Toronto Raptors)

Amir Johnson Mix Look At Me Now

Amir Johnson Mix Look At Me Now